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Dear present and future partners, Welcome to Eastern Europe Training and Certification Network
– a web platform of ICT quality training and certification market in Eastern Europe.

The first step in building of ICT T&C Network has an ambitious aim to include ICT training and certification providers in the Eastern Europe region in a common capacity fund. This initiative will make ICT training and certification more effective and accessible for the ICT companies and individuals resulting in more benefits and profits for both sides.
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Service Description
Kompjuter Pasaporta per zyre dhe administrate eshte sitem i kurseve qe iu jep dituri te gjere dhe aftesim praktik me programe te njohura ne fushen e Office-it. Ai perbehet nga 8 module secili prej tyre permbyllet me nje provim qe eshte i njesuar per gjithe Europen.
- Bazat e PED me Windows XP
- Bazat e perpunimit te tekstit
- Bazat e Excel-it
- Acces
- Powerpoint
- OutLook
- Perpunimi profesional i tekstit
- Bazat e internetit.
Service Description
Software is to be found everywhere by now. Very often human life depends on a smoothly working and reliable program flow. Examples for this are medical technology and civil aviation. Professional verification and testing of software is a task, which, under theses circumstances, gains more and more in importance and therefore requires a fundamental training.

With the ISTQB Certified Tester program a manufacturer independent and standardised scheme for training and further education of software testers exists, which is accepted worldwide. By September 2012 there are more than 250.000 certified testers worldwide. The examinees are software experts from all sectors (automobile industry, financial service, medical technology, telecommunication, public administration, etc).

We bring it to Ukraine! http://www.usqb.org.ua

The scheme consists of three training steps:

•Foundation Level
•Advanced Level
•Expert Level (in preparation)

The related syllabi are developed and released by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB). The exam questions are developed and released by the ISTQB member boards and cover the content of the syllabi. The International Software Quality Institute (iSQI) is the certification authority for written exams and the conduction of certifications following the training courses of accredited training providers in several countries. Still, we point out that the ISTQB member boards are responsible for the quality and content of the exams. Questions and suggestions concerning exam questions are gladly accepted at info@isqi.org. We will forward your e-mail to the responsible ISTQB member board.
Organization: USQB
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Service Description
Training Courses all around the world aim to make changes and deliver hands on experiences with intense programs, workshops and lectures, even in the online level. Through the Training Department, Innovation Centre Kosovo aims to fill market gaps and develop new skills in the labor market that will have a direct impact in the economic development of Kosovo.
Through unique training programs, Innovation Centre Kosovo will give you the opportunities to learn skills that you will need for the challenging and dynamic market. Business development, programming, graphic design and illustration, manufacturing, etc. will be some of the unique training programs offered through the Training Department.

Our training programs consist of tracks and individual certification course options designed to give you the skills and knowledge to gain a competitive advantage in the workplace.
You receive up-to-date training in multiple areas of your chosen field of study and a thorough understanding of real-world projects and business skills. Each course consists of proper preparation, intensive class lecture and review. There are also proper training courses in Professional and Career Development, which will assist you in developing the necessary skills to obtain employment.
Organization: Foundation "Innovation Centre Kosovo" (ICK)